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I Believe...

I believe one of the most important ingredients to good health is good food.

And I believe that good food should be simple and delicious.

My vision is a kinder, healthier, and more sustainable world through plant-based eating.

Chef Linda Kolton

Why Work With Me?

As a professional chef, instructor, and health coach with a certificate in plant-based nutrition, I have the experience and skills to guide you on your journey toward feeling fantastic.


I can provide support and accountability to help you follow through and make lasting, positive changes in your lives.


My cooking classes are fun, informative, and full of flavor!


My private and group programs are designed to meet you where you are without judgment and help you discover your inner healthy chef so you can feel your best!

With extensive experience and training, I'm fully equipped to guide, support, and assist you in joyfully and confidently achieving your goals.

I'm Qualified

Professionally Trained

Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and Culinary Arts, NYC

Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition

T. Colin Campbell
Center for Nutrition Studies

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

The Institute of Integrative Nutrition

Food for Life Instructor

Licensed through Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

Vegan Culinary Instructor
12 Years

Catskill Animal Sanctuary's Award-Winning Vegan Culinary Program

Published Cookbook Author

I Follow the Science

Driven by curiosity in human nutrition, whole foods, and the desire to help my students and clients, I study the latest research and follow the teachings of leaders in this field like; Dr. Neal Barnard, Dr. Michael Greger, Dr. T. Colin Campbell, Dr. Dean Ornish, and other science-based leaders in plant-based eating, nutrition, and wellness.

No Judgment

Let's meet where you are on your journey to wellness. Whether you're just starting out or if you've been at this a while but haven't had long-term success, my approach is to understand your challenges and goals and help you make changes that will last a lifetime.

Chef Linda Kolton

I Practice What I Preach

Chef Linda Kolton

Out of love and respect for my health, the lives of other beings, and concern for our planet, I've chosen to live a plant-powered life for over 20 years. While I have personally benefited in so many ways, I've also seen the ripple effect my choice has had on the people around me.


It is my joy and privilege to make helping others my life's work.

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