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If you want to feel better, make the changes to your diet and lifestyle that you've been thinking about, and stop making excuses, I can help. I help people who are ready for change but aren't sure where to begin. Let me help you get started!


Preparing Healthy Food


The link between conditions like hypertension, high cholesterol, cancer, inflammation, and diabetes, and lifestyle choices is well-documented. If you're interested in how a whole-food, plant-based approach to wellness can help you feel better or avoid conditions like these, I can help!

Female hand pours green onions in a bowl


Interested in eliminating animal products from your diet and incorporating more plants? I can provide practical support with your transition so that you feel nourished, capable, and informed.

Weight Loss Essentials


Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired? I work with clients who want to adopt healthier habits and start enjoying life again. Let's take a look at your unique challenges and create a program to help you feel your best.

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Do you need to up your game in the kitchen? 

Are you a new cook who wants to gain confidence?

Want to learn new techniques, recipes, global cuisines?

Do you need recipes developed for yourself or your business?

Cooking Class


I teach a wide array of classes; skills workshops, ingredient-focused bootcamps, global cuisine, seasonal cooking, cooking for nutrition or disease, and more. Let's decide on one together that meets your needs.

Shopping Basket


Learning how to plan, shop, and cook with confidence means you can enjoy preparing nourishing meals. Whether you are a novice in the kitchen or someone who wants to eat better, my culinary coaching programs can help you become the cook you want to be.

Cooking Tools


Let me create delicious plant-based recipes for your brand or your lifestyle goals. I can create from scratch or adapt some of your favorite recipes with your health in mind. Special diets, individuals, menu consulting, cookbook consulting.

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Food provides a unique opportunity to teach children and young people about important aspects of life: where our food comes from, global cultures, environmental stewardship, compassion, cooking as a life skill, healthy eating habits, and critical thinking about our choices. These subjects can be delivered in workshops and programs that last hours, weeks, or months, but the lessons will last a lifetime.
Let's design the right program for your group or class!

Family Cooking


With years of experience as a culinary educator, I love to inspire and empower kids in the kitchen. Guiding with an intuitive approach to cooking, I can help your children or class learn essential kitchen skills while learning to love cooking and baking healthy, delicious plant-based dishes.

Kid Feeding Goats


Children have a unique perspective and share an innocent quality with animals. Educating and fostering kindness, empathy, and respect for all living creatures early in life is an important and often overlooked opportunity. As an ethical vegan with many years of experience on a farmed animal sanctuary, I can create learning programs that will help your children or class to think critically about their choices as they grow.

Kids Gardening


In order to be lifelong good stewards of their health and their world, children need to understand where food comes from, who grows it, how to make healthy and sustainable choices, what food waste is and how to reduce it, and the link between our choices, our bodies, and our planet. I can design experiences and classes that are fun, interesting, perfect for young minds.

Work With Me: Services
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