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Cooking Class

Classes for Everyone!

Interested in a private class? There's something for everyone. 100% plant-based/vegan.

Menus can be adapted for special diets, skill levels, and ages!

Classes People Love!

Global Menus

Easy Indian 
Passport to Ethiopia
A Trip to Morocco
Greek Holiday
Healthy Mediterranean Meals
Mexican Made Easy
Italian Sunday Dinner
Better Than Chinese Takeout
Tastes of Lebanon
Thai-Inspired Dinner


Cozy Seasonal Brunch
Easy Weeknight Meals
Soup for You!
Rock Your Vegan Burger
Essential Sauces
Tofu and Tempeh 101
Brown Bag Lunches
Healthy Breakfast Dishes 
Dinner in a Hurry
Meatless Mondays

Health in Mind

Anti-Inflammatory Cooking
Cooking for Strong Bones and Body
Love Your Liver
Guilt-Free, Gluten-Free Baking
Spring Cleanse
Winter Cleanse
Juices and Smoothies

Food for Life

Food for Life is an award-winning nutrition education and cooking program developed by the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. These science-backed classes are geared toward disease prevention, reversal, weight loss, and learning how to transition to a low-fat, plant-based lifestyle. As a licensed Food for Life instructor, I teach classes to families with histories of health problems, patients of healthcare professionals, companies investing in employee wellness programs, and individuals interested in making diet and lifestyle changes.

Live class format includes videos, resource materials, and cooking classes. Many topics have more than one class to help participants make lasting changes. Reach out for more information on any of the topics below:

Kickstart Your Health (intro to plant-based eating, weight loss)
Healthy Basics
Power of Food for Cancer Prevention and Survival
Let’s Beat Breast Cancer
Employee Wellness Program
Kids Health
Nutrition Essentials
Food for Fitness
Foods for a Healthy Heart
Power Foods for the Brain
Foods for Fertility
Curing Cramps and PMS
Tackling Hormone-Related Cancers
Reversing Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
Tackling Menopause
Curing Erectile Dysfunction and Saving Your Life
A Healthy Thyroid
Foods and Mood
Avoiding Environmental Toxins
Diet and High Blood Pressure

Holidays & Seasonal

A Fall Feast
Thanksgiving Main Dishes

Help! Vegans are Coming for Thanksgiving
Appetizers & Nibbles
Holiday Cookies
Labor Day Grilling
Memorial Day Picnic Ideas
4th of July BBQ
Caribbean 4th of July
Cooking from the Garden
Lenten Cooking

Mother's Day/Spring Brunch

Winter Holiday Brunch

Especially for Vegans

Compassionate Comfort Foods
Essential Sauces
Tofu and Tempeh 101
Veganize It!

Make Your Own Seitan
Life After Cheese

But Where Will I Get My Protein?

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